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Enabling Usb debugging

First of all, you need to know the Android version of your phones. You can find it on your phone information section. Try to tap Settings > About Device > Software information (or System in some Android version) > Android version and then you can know which Android version your phone have on.

 find Android version in your phone

Now connect your phone with your desktop.

Guiscrcpy & Scrcpy installation

Goto Guiscrcpy release and scrcpy files and place it in one folder like this

Guiscrcpy & scrcpy

Extract all the file of scrcpy*.zip into a folder after doing that open Guiscrcpy. It will ask you to locate scrcpy.exe no go into the extraced folder and select scrcpy.exe

Select scrcpy.exe

Select scrcpy.exe


After doing that connect your phone to your device and Start Scrcpy

Screencasting phone

Congratulations now you can cast you screen on your laptop or Desktop.

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